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Azienda Agricola Marino Abate

We are vine growers for many generations, our estate is in the heart of Marsala, at the western end of Sicily.
Our philosophy is the interpretation of the territory, the care of the vineyard and the respect for nature.

Identity and values

We are an artisan winery based on the principles of organic farming because we believe in the preservation of the territory and we are keen on producing wines that reflect in every possible way this small plot of land, our land.

Rispetto e cura del territorio

The surface is 16 hectares between vineyards and olive groves, between the municipalities of Marsala and Mazara, with 5 different micro-environments. This allows us to cultivate the right vine in every context, thus enhancing every terroir.
Our vision is to produce wines that are tied to our past, to our way of interpreting the different terroirs and introduce a new Sicily that can be seeing through the eyes of our philosophy.
The attention, respect and care of the lands is at the heart of our work and allows us to maximize and express our identity as much as possible in the wines we produce.

Our Wines

Organic production for us is spontaneous, an approach to life that has a deep bond with our identity.

The 5 different terroirs present in the estate, gives birth to our 4 wines; Five soft hills with different microclimate and soils: clayey, limestone, sandy and pebbly, with a wealth of infinite shades.
In the utmost respect for organic practices, vineyards are trained to guyot and cordon pruning. The average age is 25 years with low yields per hectare. The annual total production is about 15,000 bottles.


Autochthonous white variety. We cultivate it in calcareous soils, in Contrada Piraneo. The old vineyards with very deep roots produce a fresh, mineral and fruity wine characterized by elegant feelings.


Autochthonous white variety widely spread on the island; versatile and with personality. We harvest it in Contrada Bellusa and vinify it in purity, Our catarratto it’s a rich, bright and floral wine. A mouth full of fruity sensations and strong flavor.


International variety born in the wine cradle, Bordeaux. It finds fertile soil in our plot of Contrada Carcitella. Here the pebble ground gives it elegance and thickness.


Ancient red native variety, spread mainly in Western Sicily. The vineyards planted in the Contrada Calamita produce a wine of intense color and aroma, thanks to the peculiarity of the soil with a type of clay that is dark and deep.

Family and Traditions

Our luck is to have the help of the whole family: our grandparents and parents both wine-growers, who have an indissoluble relationship with the land; As the new generation we are now building our future based on their traditions drawing the path of this new adventure called Marino Abate wines.
The choice of starting over to produce wine, which was put aside in the ’70s, was born from the acknowledge of having in our hand an enormous treasure, fruit of the work that our grandparents had wisely cultivated with love and loyalty.

About Us

Vincenzo, Rossella and Nicola meet after their studies and personal experiences in different parts of Italy and the Wine World; United by the passion for the land and the desire to value their territory. A passion handed down by Father Angelo and grandfather Nzino who still today, follow and convey their values. The idea of ​​resuming the wine production, which had been set aside in the 1970s, picks up from the work that our grandparents had wisely done with love and loyalty.